Echeloned WoW GM SERVER!!!!!!!!

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Echeloned WoW GM SERVER!!!!!!!! Empty Echeloned WoW GM SERVER!!!!!!!!

Post  CaTyX on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:04 am

Echeloned wow gm private server supports WotLK also patch 2.4.3

If you need help with commands just write .commands then you will get list of commands..

As i haven't been on this server in a while, i finally went back on to see if anything has changed. Here are some of the things that changed
1. The maximum level is no longer 301, i believe its 250
2. Some of the armour sets and custom items have been taken out and new ones have been put it, this means you wont be doing over 1bil damage anymore (yeah literally) but only about 500 mil. That shouldn't bother anyone.
3. The size command only goes up to 4 now. 8 was to fucking big.

Best private server i have played on yet. You won't be disappointed guaranteed.

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